“I first sought Karen Drake’s advice 20 years ago to guide an organization change initiative. Her insights then, as now, were right on target. She has a keen sense for what drives people and organizations to succeed. Karen’s name regularly comes up in conversations with business leaders and others in the HR community because of her success as a leadership coach and presenter. She is innovative and engaging when challenging the status quo. When Karen speaks, people listen. And that includes others within her field. She’s a coach’s coach. I commend Karen’s willingness to share ideas and insights with colleagues to advance the profession.”

Jan Cerny, former VP, Human Resources, Maritz Inc., Corporate Services

“My goals for coaching were to grow professionally, gain insight into my strengths & weaknesses. Focus on things that needed to be adjusted/improved. I do believe they were achieved and I’m still a work in progress Coaching gave me tools I can use on an ongoing basis. How to think differently and come up with solutions. Set me up to come up with my own conclusions. My coach conducted herself in a professional manner at all times. She is experienced and skilled to provide this sort of service. It was a trusting relationship and information I shared was kept confidential. I had the coach’s undivided attention, had 100% of focus from her. Her work experience brought a lot of value to what I was dealing with.”

Middle Manager in a Social Service Agency

“Karen is a phenomenal career coach and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to advance their career. She was able to provide detailed, thorough, and contemporary strategies to assist me, which has resulted in increased consideration for new opportunities.”

Akella Wicker-HR Business Partner, financial services firm

“Karen Drake is an energetic leadership expert. She has an uncanny ability to convey complex matters in terms the novice or expert can grasp. Karen’s breadth and depth of knowledge is impressive. In addition to being a leader in her field of consulting and leadership coaching – Karen’s willingness to volunteer and share her expertise is unrivaled. Engage Karen as a Coach or Consultant and you too will be amazed and transformed.”

Jada Reese-HR Director, regional healthcare system

“I recently attended a seminar by Karen O Drake. It was truly an enlightening experience. I thought I knew how to network, but I learned that I had room for improvement. She discussed having your elevator speech ready at all times. I worked on my “elevator speech” and was able to use it a week later. Thanks Karen!!!!! I highly recommend her to any prospective clients.”

Ellen McGee

“During the past 20 years, I have retained Karen Drake on numerous occasions to help transform organizations and drive results. Without exception, she has delivered insight and impact to help diagnose problems, engage affected participants, and design and implement effective solution sets. Whether in my role as a corporate executive or managing partner of a consulting firm, Karen has consistently provided me with effective thought partnership and direct, honest feedback about my own behavior. I value her content expertise, and the way in which she delivers it, at the highest level. I have truly enjoyed working with Karen and look forward to engaging her to help with future client initiatives.”

Glenn Dalton-Business Owner

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Karen on a consulting project. She is one of the best facilitators I’ve had the pleasure of observing. She knows how to read a crowd … when to ask a question or interject … and when to remain silent and let the group process. I would work with her in a heartbeat, and highly recommend her to any group.”

Brenda Vander Meulen, President, River Hills Consulting

“I have known and worked with Karen Drake for a number of years and in a number of different contexts. In her days as diversity consultant, I recommended Karen to our clients who needed such services. During that era she worked with focus groups to get a clear picture of the situation, management to deal with some tough social/historical issues, and made cutting-edge recommendations about how to move the organization to the next era of effectiveness.

During her period at Saint Louis University as the head of organizational development, I had the opportunity to be part of a group which Karen formed to help craft the University’s Leadership Academy which she subsequently directed. Karen incorporated assessments, action learning, and time with senior leadership into the academy. Karen also served as a resource to the University’s School for Professional Studies Organizational Leadership Program. In that capacity, Karen used her knowledge of the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis to provide feedback and interpretation to students in the courses using the LEA.

Karen is an intelligent, energetic change agent who provides a broad array of experiences and tools to the client organization. Her sense of collegiality and optimism are mainstays of her collaborative approach. You can count on Karen to provide the best of the alternatives available and to invest a 110% in whatever she commits to do.” 

Carl Harshman, PhD-Business Owner/Organizational Consultant


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