Are you stuck in a mode that’s not moving you forward, beginning a new role, or expanding your responsibilities?

What is Coaching?

The answers to many questions are already within us. Often we just need some help to bring them out.

Mae Jamison

Coaching is about realizing your potential with support from someone who is NOT there to tell you what you want/hope to hear or to fix a troubled past. A coach is a partner in your journey to your best self, engaging in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize personal and professional talents. Coaching is a multi-faceted approach to develop higher effectiveness, new competencies, and better balance … all with more ease, joy, and abundance. A good coach will work with you, from the beginning, to define specific, observable outcomes. With these in place, both parties can measure their success. Movement toward these outcomes becomes the central focus of the coaching relationship.

A coach is a candid, skillful, and objective partner focused on you and your development. In coaching, ideas will sometimes come from you, and other times through your coach. However, acting on them is always your choice. The coach is a member of your team, and a partner in your learning. As you can see, coaching focuses on YOU and where you want to go. From coaching sessions you will discover your vision for yourself and your life, the obstacles standing in your way, and how you might meet the challenges and move forward toward your desired future! A coach will help you stay on track, and provide encouragement and support so that you feel empowered.

The most important thing in selecting a coach is finding someone with whom you can easily relate and create the most powerful partnership. When you choose a coach, choose someone whose agenda is you. You bring the topics and your success is the outcome.

My Coaching Philosophy

Many people are deeply entrenched in what’s known as a Scarcity Mentality. They see life as having only so much, as though there was only one pie out there. And if someone was to get a big piece of the pie, it would mean less for everybody else. People with a Scarcity Mentality struggle with sharing recognition and credit, power or profit – even with those who help in the production. They also have a very hard time being genuinely happy for the success of other people.

The Abundance Mentality, on the other hand, flows from a deep inner sense of personal worth and security. This paradigm conveys that there is plenty out there and enough to spare for everybody. It results in sharing of prestige, of recognition, of profits, of decision making. It opens possibilities, options, alternatives, and creativity.” As your coach, I’d like to help you live your most abundant life.

The Coaching Process

As your coach, I begin with a complimentary assessment of what triggers your motivation (what gets your engines revving) and what conditions must exist (environment, structure) for you to be the most productive in the context of work. You will also discover how you are convinced (how you must receive the data and what must happen with it to complete the process of being convinced). Numerous leaders have found this insight to be invaluable for their development, effectiveness, and career strategies.

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